15 January – 15 May 2021


We are pleased to announce the January, February, March and April artists in residence on the 2nd floor of the 319 building (details below).


  • Hsin-Yu Chen: seeing and being seen, the notion of parallax, and the politics and pleasure behind perspective’s construction of a subject | Late February

  • Chris Capriotti: ceremony, sexuality, materiality, myth, and the performative rituals of masculine identity | March

  • THECOLORG: examining visual and physical relationships between art and architecture that exist as a metaphor for connections and bridges between my childhood and adulthood experiences | May

Grizzly Grizzly

  • Jayne Struble: accumulations through graphite drawings, which incorporate video, performance and sculptural elements | mid-Jan – mid-Feb

  • Valentina Soto Illanes: interrogating the political and aesthetic compositions of the “natural” and
    “exotic” | mid-Feb – mid-March

  • Rachel Grobstein: miniature paintings and sculptures which employ a radical scale shift to explore artifacts, collections, memory and biography | late March

Marginal Utility

  • Quinton Maldonado: site-specific light and sound installation, designed to emulate a religious altarpiece | mid-Jan – mid-Feb

  • Rat Porridge and Cherry Nin: an editing studio for our forthcoming video project, Question Everything Bitch, which will finish production in December 2020 | mid-Feb – mid-March

  • Neill Catangay: multimedia artist employing illustration, paintings, sculpture, photography and video to explore themes of absurdity, the abject, colonialism, consumerism and post-humanism | mid-March – mid-April

Pink Noise Projects

  • Nicolette Gordon: “Everything is temporary” is a performance piece where designer and artist Nicolette Gordon draws linework in appreciation of the present moment. This meditative practice is a reminder that the present moment is the greatest space to access peace and self power | mid-Jan – mid-Feb

  • Jazmyn Crosby: developing a new series called A Camouflaged Farewell which will consist of a collection of fake rocks with implanted speakers containing “time capsules” which are not visible but articulated by my recorded descriptions of the materials and a series of drawings | mid-Feb – mid-Mar

  • Natalie Hijinx: is assembling a detective’s “crazy wall of evidence (feat. string),” documenting the timeline and suspects from the alternate universe her work inhabits. Are the connections fabrication or conspiracy? | mid-Mar – mid-April


  • Rob Cosgrove: a durational performance contending with current notions of presence and embodiment in virtual and transmitted space | mid-Jan

  • David McCord Hannon: site responsive stage sets: incorporating video projections, sculpture, and live performance, reimagining childhood, the resurrection of a time that cannot exist again and maybe never existed | February

  • Emmanuela Soria Ruiz: performance, video and sculpture; theatre of objects and landscape dramaturgy | March

Follow the 2nd floor galleries on Instagram to see what our residents are working on, and join us for digital programming in the coming months. Instagram: @automat_collective; @2xgrizzly; @marginalutilitygallery; @_pink_noise_projects; @practicegallery