Extracurricular  /  Seminars

Rethinking the Autonomy of Art: Adorno and Bürger

March 20 , 8:00 – 10:00pm

At Marginal Utility's new location: 319 North 11th Street, 2nd Floor

Extending the Machete Groups interest in the contested legacy of modernism, this meeting shall focus on the dispute between Theodore Adorno and Peter Bürger concerning the critical significance of the historical avant-garde and the theoretical role played by the concept of the autonomy of the work of art. To help frame the discussion of the material, there will be introductory comments by Alexi Kukuljevic, Gabriel Rockhill, and New York based artist, Sean Paul.

Download Theodore Adorno PDF (2 MB)

Download Peter Bürger PDF (4 MB)

The Machete Group organizes workshops, mini-seminars, reading groups, screenings and other events open to the public that have as their general focus the intersection between artistic practice and its theoretical articulation. The guiding proposition of the Machete Group is the claim that practice without theory is empty and theory without practice is blind. The goal of the center is to engender a rigorous and open atmosphere outside a strictly academic context that encourages autodidacticism, a willingness to question all forms of mastery and specialization, and the desire to think critically about artistic practice in an historically, socially and politically astute manner.

Monthly workshops run by Alexi Kukuljevic and Gabriel Rockhill with invited artists and intellectuals organized around select writings and works of art.