Machete Zine September 2012

Download Machete 19 September 2012 (1MB)

JAYA HOWEY,  Double Painting Issue (cover) / CHARLES PRUSIK, doctor A Dead Artist in Motion: Review of Roberto Bolano’s The Third Reich / MATTIN, Lou Reed & Metallica: Lulu/ MATTIN – RAY BRASSIER, Interview Between Mattin and Ray Brassier/ ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, AND Alighiero […]

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Five Acts: Chronicles of Dissent

Five Acts Book cover_web

This catalogue was printed in conjunction with the exhibition

If you would like to request a copy,
please contact us.

Machete Zine February 2012

Download Machete 18 February (6.6 MB)

GARETH JAMES, information pills Buenos Aires (cover) / AVI ALPERT, what is ed Tiqqun, information pills Introduction to Civil War/ EVAN CALDER WILLIAMS, Postcards From Venice/ DAVID MUENZER – GARETH JAMES, Interview/ LUDWIG FISCHER, Artist Project/ WILLIAM […]

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Occupy Philly – Machete December 2011

Download OCCUPY PHILLY – machete 03 2011 December (1.3MB)

SID ROTHSTEIN, search Occupy Philly: Machete Issue 3/ JOHN SCHULTZ, capsule Eviction and Occupation/ Occupy Everything: interview with BEN WEBSTER/ AARON KREIDER, order Debunking the Rumors of an Occupy Philly Power Elite/ HOMAY KING, Antiphon: […]

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Occupy Philly – Machete November 2011

Download OCCUPY PHILLY – machete 02 2011 October (2.6MB)

AVI ALPERT, rx NANCY FRASER, this GABRIEL ROCKHILL and ANNIKA THIEM, Capitalism and the State: Machete Confrontation at Occupy Philadelphia/ SV, You Can”t Go Home Again, and Other Messages from the Ideology Machine/ CR, Beneath the Beach, the Sidewalk?/ […]

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Occupy Philly – Machete October 2011

Download OCCUPY PHILLY – machete 01 2011 October (3.1MB)

JOHN SCHULTZ, recipe Introduction to Occupy Philly: Machete/ GABRIEL ROCKHILL, Rethinking Revolution, The Time of Change/ ÇETIN GüRER, Interview with Charles Holmes, Resident of Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Plaza, October 13th , 2011/ AMRIT HEER, What do we mean by “Direct” […]

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Machete Zine November 2011

Download machete 17 November (3.6 MB)

ALEXI KUKULJEVIC (front cover)/ MIKE VASS, pharm Dead Roots: Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life/ DANIEL GERWIN, visit this The Present, Tense/ CHRIS KASPER, Open Letter to Labor Servicing the Culture Industry/ HADASSA GOLDVICHT, Heart Juice 5/ AVI ALPERT, Reflections on What Might […]

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Machete Zine August 2011

Download machete 16 August (3.2 MB)

DANIEL LEFCOURT, prostate (front cover)/ NATHAN BROWN, story The Passion of Modernity: On Terrence Malick's Tree of Life/ AVI ALPERT, information pills Reproduce What You Are Not/ RICHARD HARROD (poster)/ DANIEL GERWIN, Elaine Cameron Weir's Sculptor Galaxy/ MIKE VASS, The Time […]

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Machete Zine May 2011

Download machete 15 May (2.6 MB)

ADAM PENDLETON (front cover)/ LUDWIG FISCHER and JEFFREY D. GOWER, viagra approved Du Dandysme/ VANESSA DESCLAUX, physician The cruel intimacy of looking inward/ LUDWIG FISCHER, Preface to Pendulum/ EVAN CALDER WILLIAMS, Pendulum/ DANIEL GERWIN, Alex Da Corte's “The Island Beautiful/Mortal Mirror”/ JEFFREY D. […]

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Machete Zine March 2011

Download machete 14 March (1.6 MB)

SEAN PAUL, order Good Morning/ AVI ALPERT, ed Revolution or Bust/ JAMES HYDE, Art Front/ LUDWIG FISCHER, On Assignment…/ MIKE VASS, Dollar-Book Void/ JUSTIN MATHERLY, Artist Response/ MIKE OLSON, What is the End of Art?/ SEAN PAUL, Good Night

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