Machete Zine December 2010

Download – Machete 13 December 2010

ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, The Dross of Humanity: Justin Matherly at Marginal Utility/ JAYSON MUSSON, Evil/ JOAN JONAS, Broken Symmetry/ JOAN JONAS, untitled drawing/ ANONYMOUS Ten Theses on Precision (A Draft)/ GABRIEL ROCKHILL, Machete Interview with Nathalie Heinich, For a Comprehensive Sociology of Artistic Imaginaries Part II

The Machete Group is an international consortium of artists and intellectuals based at Marginal Utility Gallery in Philadelphia. The Group runs the magazine Machete, offers seminars on current issues in the arts, and is invested in developing new collective forms of artistic and intellectual practice. Its members include Avi Alpert, David Dempewolf, Etienne Dolet, Ludwig Fischer, Alexi Kukuljevic, Holly Martins, Gabriel Rockhill, Theodore Tucker, and Yuka Yokoyama.