Machete Zine December 2009

Machete / December 2009

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ETIENNE DOLET, Margin of Utility/ LUDWIG FISCHER , A Fearless Foot and an Unscrupulous Mind (A Scream from the Extremity)/ ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, Leaving No Maggot Lonely: Bruce Nauman at the PMA/ ZACH ROCKHILL, Collage from Chris Marker’s “La Jetée” and a Daily News cover story/ THEODORE TUCKER, Fossils from Our Future/ HOLLY MARTINS, 119 West Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia PA/ AVI ALPERT, “We”re not even sure of carrots (whether they”re what we think they are, how poisonous they are, who grew them and under what circumstances).”/ MACHETE Interviews JACQUES RANCIÈRE Farewell to Artistic and Political Impotence