Machete Zine December 2010

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ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, The Dross of Humanity: Justin Matherly at Marginal Utility/ JAYSON MUSSON, Evil/ JOAN JONAS, Broken Symmetry/ JOAN JONAS, untitled drawing/ ANONYMOUS Ten Theses on Precision (A Draft)/ GABRIEL ROCKHILL, Machete Interview with Nathalie Heinich, For a Comprehensive Sociology of Artistic Imaginaries Part II

Kukuljevic: The […]

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Machete Zine October 2010

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AVI ALPERT, Slavoj Zizek, Sycophant of Reason/ CHARLES PRUSIC, Critique without a Critique/ ALEX DACORTE, Syrup on the Phone/ ALEXI KULKULJEVIC, The Creation of Brainstorms and Other Destructive Aims/ ANNETTE MONNIER, No Soul For Sale: 2 Articles, both alike in dignity/ JEFFREY D. GOWER, A Rose By Any […]

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Machete Zine September 2010

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MACHETE GROUP, Reflections on a Year: Invisible Bridge / THEODORE TUCKER, One Line Labyrinth, The Degree Zero of Painting/ AVI ALPERT, Considering the Alternatives / MIKE VASS, Harmony Korine Rubs Up Against The American Nightmare in Trash Humpers / ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, Abigail D. Deville’s America / HOLLY MARTINS, […]

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Machete Zine July 2010

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ETIENNE DOLET, Securitarianism and the “Immigration Problem” / AVI ALPERT, Ludwig Fischer Review / MIKE VASS, In Praise of Vain Gestures – Roberto Bolano’s Antwerp

Alpert: Ludwig Fischer Review

Vass: In Praise of Vain Gestures – Roberto Bolaño’s Antwerp

The Machete Group is an international consortium […]

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Machete Zine June 2010

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ETIENNE DOLET, Margin of Utility: “Terrorism of Conformist Thought, Or the Ideological Exhaustion of Our Age” Interview with Cornelius Castoriadis / AVI ALPERT, To be or not to be international? / EVAN CALDER WILLIAMS, The Hot Wet Breath of Extinction / L. F. FISCHER, The Poisonous […]

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Machete Zine May 2010

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ETIENNE DOLET, Margin of Utility: DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL IMAGINARY/ ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, Calming the Rage of the Wounded and Defeated/ AVI ALPERT, Legendary History, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ryan Trecartin/ THEODORE TUCKER, Administering Picasso/ MANYA SCHEPS, Make it Rain on Dem Unpaid […]

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Machete Zine April 2010

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ETIENNE DOLET, Margin of Utility/ MANYA SCHEPS, Yes! We Have No Biennials! / AVI ALPERT, From Indira Sylvia (I.S.) Belissop, Journal Entries from a Philosopher in a Time of Revolt, 1968-1980, ed./ THEODORE TUCKER, Border Crossings/ ALEXI KUKULJEVIC Keeping the Bewildered Herd Bewildered: The American Constitution Center/ JAYSON […]

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Machete Zine March 2010

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ETIENNE DOLET, Margin of Utility/ AVI ALPERT, The experience of the steal/ HOLLY MARTINS, The Seductive Subversion of Plausible Artworlds:/ JAYSON MUSSON, PACKOFRATS is pro-life/ ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, Accepting the Lesson of the Worst/ MACHETE (GABRIEL ROCKHILL) Interview with CORNEL WEST, The Flickering Light of Performative Paideia… in the […]

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Machete Zine February 2010

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ETIENNE DOLET, Margin of Utility/ AVI ALPERT, Untitled (Notes on the Graphic Unconscious)/ THEODORE TUCKER, Limits of Triviality/ ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, Let us Not Pine After an Absent God/ GUEST WRITER The Poor Rich/ MIKE VASS, Michael Haneke and The White Ribbon/ MACHETE (GABRIEL ROCKHILL) Interview with CORNEL WEST, […]

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Machete Zine January 2010

Machete / January 2010

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AVI ALPERT, unworking with Cai Guo-Qiang/ MIKE VASS, Noir After God: Werner Herzog’s The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans/ ALEXI KUKULJEVIC, A Little Reassurance in Barbaric Times

Alpert: unworking with Cai Guo-Qiang

Kukuljevic: A Little Reassurance in Barbaric Times…

Vass: Noir After God: […]

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