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Open Disussion:

Saturday, 25 May at 2:00pm

Marginal Utility will hold an open discussion on May 25th with artist Omid Shekari using the artist’s latest exhibition as the backdrop. The session will address the topic of military power in the USA and the urgent crises that define our current biopolitical and cultural contexts.

Threats are weapons that are employed by the state to ignite fear in order to justify violence that is only effective in exacerbating aggression, tension and war. This exhibition looks at power in the context of national protectionism and probes the levels of domination and violence that patriotism cause, as well as possibilities to resist such a phenomenon that we collectively face with the rise of global political extremism.

‘Rebuilding U.S. deterrence to preserve peace through strength must be our Nation’s top priority. The unprecedented era of peace that followed World War II revealed that the free world is safest when America is strongest. The slow depletion of our military in recent years has resulted in an escalation of threats the world over, which President Trump is committed to reversing.’ —www.whitehouse.gov