Past Exhibitions

Get it While it’s Cheap #2

August 3 – 26, 2012

Opening reception Friday, 3 August 2012, from 6 – 11 pm

Marginal Utility is pleased to present “get it while it's cheap #2”, a summer group show that features new projects by Coady Brown, Kyle Goldbach, Abby King, Patrick Maguire, Zorawar Sidhu.

Coady Brown's paintings are typically based on small sculptures that the artist has made from found objects. Brown's paintings are suggestive of bodily gestures that express a longing to mark one’s environment and oneself with desired objects and to claim them as one’s own.

In an attempt to problematize the formation of a fixed identity through the use of displaced everyday objects, Kyle Goldbach hopes to bring to light the absurdities and contradictions of a quasi-objectified subjective experience. Through interactions with a broken parking meter or a septa bench, Goldbach presents situations that mark the line between use and uselessness, routine performativity and quotidian urgency.

Both decadent and depraved, Abby King’s paintings depict a spectacle somewhere between a carnival sideshow and pornographic cyberspace. Created by using fabrics to gild the artist's feminist lowbrow sex monsters, King is humorous without sacrificing seriousness, while violently pointing out the separation and collision of the viewer with pornography in the age of the internet and mechanical reproduction.

Through the processes of memory and cognition, Patrick Maguire's paintings give form to the psychological and material factors that make architecture habitable.

Zorawar Sidhu makes photographs of artificial objects and places, impostors that aspire to become something other than what they are. Although they do not succeed as simulacra, they communicate the desires that motivate their construction.