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Hadassa Goldvicht

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Marginal Utility is proud to present for its inaugural exhibition the work of Jerusalem based video and performance artist Hadassa Goldvicht. Goldvicht's work explores the ways in which our bodies retain the personal and inherited memories of war, viagra 60mg try
fear and immigration and the way these memories become as physical as DNA, and transfer from generation to generation. Goldvicht examines the manner in which our physical and sentient identities are shaped through the various strategies that the subject engineers in order integrate these traumatic experiences.

For the project at Marginal Utility, Goldvicht will create a room size installation that portrays the physical traces of world war two as it exists in many of our bodies today, but moreover this work is a portrayal of fears as they quietly inhabit the human body. In an installation that attempts to capture the pre-sleep subconscious state, the audience is invited to lie down in beds throughout the gallery in order to view video and sound works that refer to these traces.