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Alexi Kukuljevic

Rooted in sculpture, my practice traverses a range of themes focused around the problem of the “self’s” enigmatic status as a habit that can only be observed in its material effects, its attitudes, its likes and dislikes, in the slow accretion of its identifications. By dramatizing subjectivity and allegorizing the processes of its reification, my work attempts to come to grips with a subject that can only be staged through the deformations of the object and glimpsed in the inconsistencies that plague its consciousness.  Playing with the notion of “subject matter” as the literal objectification of the subject—the matter of the subject—I treat the “self” as a “thing” amongst things that can only be grasped evasively, through distortion, failure, violence, alienation and abstraction. My engagement with a wide range of media is an on-going experiment with the composition and decomposition of the self whose status is never quite clear, like a joke delivered so dead-pan that its own status as a joke seems to be in question.