Past Exhibitions

Hadassa Goldvicht: Songs for the Peacemaker

3 September – 23 October

Marginal Utility is proud to present its second exhibition of the work of the New York based video and performance artist Hadassa Goldvicht.

Goldvicht's work revolves around the reading and rewriting of the polital and emotional texts written in the body. In her work she examines and reconstructs private and public rituals and practices, while distilling the charged texts that they contain.

The exhibition, titled “Songs for the Peacemaker” acts as a meeting point of many of the themes Goldvicht's has worked with in the past few years.

In her current work Goldvicht uses different forms of translation to negotiate with the limitations of language, as well as formulating a complex comment on the artist's political role.

Goldvicht uses the body as her political arena in a work that becomes most an elegy to language and its limitations.