Pap Souleye Fall: Greenscreen Vortex as digestive engine for digital matter and matter.

13 July – August 20 2023

opening reception 13 July 7:00-9:00PM
Icebox Project Space
1400 N American St. Phila, PA

Marginal Utility is proud to present Greenscreen Vortex as digestive engine for digital matter and matter by Philadelphia based artist Pap Souleye Fall in the INVITED: Take Care of the Square Footage at the group exhibition at the Icebox Project Space.

Beutou Toubab- Is a Senegalese slang word for the leveling tool. It directly translates to foreign eye. Although toubab is primarily used to describe people of European descent or visibly white. It is a term used amongst the masons who build and fix homes. A small level of refusal humor of the invasive eye of the white man.

African Proverb- “The ruin of a nation begins in the home of its people”

Souleye makes videos, sculptures, sounds, paintings and situations that consider feeling and body knowledge as technologies of escapism. He/ they use methods found in cosplaying like world-building, speculative fiction and gameplay, as methods to create immersive settings. Their/ his work questions how systems of power condition reality and how black diasporas navigate, reimagine, and refigure them in order to adapt. His/ their practice necessitates improvisation, iteration, and malleable structures. He/ They work with video, cardboard, clothing and wood that are frequently salvaged or recycled. These materials allow him/ them to create strategies and backdrops for joy and immersive experiences. They/ he echos the virtual and the physical as a way to source the black imaginary.