Many Happy Returns: Ruth Scott Blackson, Sarah Gamble, Mackenzie McAlpin, Lydia Ricci and Theresa Rose

2 December 2022 – 4 February 2023

Opening reception Friday, 2 December from 6–10 pm

Marginal Utility is proud to present ‘Many Happy Returns’, a group exhibition of five Philadelphia based artists, Ruth Scott Blackson, Sarah Gamble, Mackenzie McAlpin, Lydia Ricci and Theresa Rose, who bring their unique approaches to materiality, sentiment, form and expression to the space. Through conversation, good food, and mutual adoration, they serendipitously formed to consider themes of love, intuition, spirituality and what ultimately makes them tick as artists, women, and humans.

Ruth, Sarah, Mackenzie, Lydia and Theresa come together to present the collage of everyday life through works on paper, sculpture, and painting. Their playfulness in this exhibition highlights the nuanced elements of their individual art practices – while finding commonality and cohesion when exhibiting work. Each artist is interested in texture, from the texture of life to the physical manifestation of their mediums. The exhibition is installed using a collaborative and intuitive practice in which the artists assign placement by the relationships of the works together in the space.

Ruth Scott Blackson makes paper weavings from the discarded paintings that her small children create. What started out as fun experiments have now become a reflection on memory, labor, and motherhood.

Sarah Gamble’s oil paintings explore parallel realities, mystical psychedelia, forms of consciousness, mythology, and plant spirits, among other topics.

Mackenzie McAlpin’s miniatures pay homage to everyday objects that intentionally or unintentionally decorate and hold space in our daily lives.

Lydia Ricci makes imperfectly perfect replicas of quotidian moments and objects from a pile of scraps and everyday detritus accumulated over the last 30 years.

Theresa Rose creates works on paper marrying together photographs and drawing with monoprints to create poetic depictions of the understated beauty of her beloved hometown, Philadelphia.