David Guinn: Night Room

4 November – 15 January 2017

Night room opening image

Opening reception Friday, November from 6–10 pm

Marginal Utility is proud to present Night Room, a solo exhibition by the Philadelphia based artist David Guinn.

Inspired by the climactic scene in the film Apocalypse Now, where Martin Sheen confronts Marlon Brando’s Kurtz inside a darkened Khmer Temple, and the primal experience of lights in the darkness, Night Room visualizes a sanctuary space for communion/confrontation with the artistic self.

Working with lighting designer Drew Billiau and composer/musician Yanni Papadopoulos, Night Room combines wall painting with LED lighting products and waves of deep droning audio. Glowing bands of light slowly transition through the spectrum of colors inside the darkened space of the gallery. Wall paintings reference windows and passageways into other environments. Painted gradients transition across sections of the gallery walls.

The gallery space at Marginal Utility functioned as sanctuary it depicts. Beginning with a room painted black, the installation evolved on the walls.